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Latest from the Blog

Rewearing Your Wardrobe

5 tips to get the most out of your own wardrobe. I spent some time this weekend organising my wardrobe. Aside from the realisation that I own far too many jeans, it’s a chance to remember what I already have, and to appreciate my favourites, like this dress. This eBay number really saw me through…

The Bikini Breakdown: Peek & Beau

I can never find my true size, but the fuller bust options at ASOS haven’t failed me yet. Each year ASOS surprise me. Whether it’s their own range of swimwear or a brand they carry, ASOS are one of the few retailers that are more accommodating when it comes to us fuller busted women. Size-wise…

The Bikini Breakdown: Summer Club The Label

Too small for me, but perfect for a G! It’s no secret by now that I own a lot of bikinis – maybe over thirty – so as you can imagine I’ve tried a lot of different brands. Some get it right, while others miss the mark for someone like me. You see, growing up…

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