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Latest from the Blog

The Boy Who’s A Blur

Ok you’re not harming us, but are you doing anything to help us? Why men shouting #notallmen should learn from the boy that took it upon himself to ensure my safety. In the wake of the Sarah Everard news this week, I wanted to share a personal story of a time when I have felt […]

I Tried Kim Kardashian’s Tit Tape Trick

Thankfully not with gaffer tape – ouch. It goes without saying, there are a lot of images of Kim Kardashian on the internet, but only one has stuck in my mind over the years… When this image of Kim’s gaffer tape bra surfaced I remember thinking how clever it was, genius in fact. Was there […]

The Suck-You-In Swimsuit

That doubles up as a bodysuit. I don’t own many swimsuits, purely because they’re not great for achieving an all-over tan. But since summer is long gone, it’s time to think about the one-piece in a different way… For the spa staycation you’ve got planned, or even to wear as a top? That’s why I’d […]

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