Rewearing Your Wardrobe

5 tips to get the most out of your own wardrobe.

I spent some time this weekend organising my wardrobe. Aside from the realisation that I own far too many jeans, it’s a chance to remember what I already have, and to appreciate my favourites, like this dress.

This eBay number really saw me through the festive season – I wore it a lot – but there was a time when re-wearing my wardrobe was never my first thought.

I was that person that would buy something new for anything that popped up in my calendar. It became a very bad habit – not only for my bank balance and lack of wardrobe space, but for my constant contribution to fast fashion.

Now, of course, I love to rent and buy secondhand, and while I’m not saying ‘don’t buy anything new ever again’ I thought I’d share 5 tips that might help you get the most out of your own wardrobe first:

  1. Do you really have ‘nothing to wear’? Apps like @whering__ can help you organise your wardrobe digitally, so you can see everything you own, even plan an outfit, at the touch of a button.
  2. ‘But I’ve already posted it on Instagram’ is NOT an excuse. I was terrible for this years ago, and premier delivery does not help, so avoid renewing it.
  3. Some of your summer clothes can be worn in the winter, so don’t put them away or ignore them. Think about layering.
  4. Don’t put your clothes in a box. What I mean is, a dress can be a top over jeans or an oversized blazer can be a dress, for example. Just because you bought it in the ‘dress’ section doesn’t mean to say it has to stay a dress.
  5. The same goes for fabrics. Often we associate satin, velvet and lace with eveningwear, but why not bring them out in the day?

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