The Bikini Breakdown: Peek & Beau

I can never find my true size, but the fuller bust options at ASOS haven’t failed me yet.

Each year ASOS surprise me. Whether it’s their own range of swimwear or a brand they carry, ASOS are one of the few retailers that are more accommodating when it comes to us fuller busted women.

Size-wise it’s a bit of a guessing game, given they stock just one bikini in my true size (32H). But, I strongly advise you to preserve, because the bikini I’m reviewing today wins 1st place this summer!


When I took this bikini out of its packaging – marked 16E/F in size – I was close to immediately packing it back up. At first glance I was convinced it would never fit me: underwiring – none, underband – slim, straps – not as thick as I’d like, fabric – although lined – didn’t seem that durable, the list goes on. But in a ‘fuck-it’ moment I thought I’d try it on for a laugh…

I was in shock as I stood in front of the mirror. No spillage, no side-boob, no immediate discomfort – I felt completely supported, not to mention largely impressed by the cleavage it gave me!

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why this bikini fits me so well, but if I were to take an educated guess I’d say it’s down to the way the ‘cups’ have been designed.


The darts in the ‘cups’ create a more cup-like shape, instead of a flat piece of material. Therefore my boobs have somewhere to ‘sit’ rather than being pressed up against my chest, and spilling over and out in every direction. It also helps that there’s an adequate amount of fabric used, made up of 29% elastane. Stretch is important, especially when bikinis are sized in number and/or letters, and not your true cup-size. This gives you more leeway when it comes to fit.


There’s something about gingham that makes you feel like the sweeter version of yourself, just like how a leopard print number might make you feel more sexy. Having said that, because of the plunging design I feel both sweet and sexy in this bikini, and consequently have dubbed it my Brigitte Bardot bikini.

Shop the Peek & Beau bikini HERE

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