The Bikini Breakdown: Summer Club The Label

Too small for me, but perfect for a G!

It’s no secret by now that I own a lot of bikinis – maybe over thirty – so as you can imagine I’ve tried a lot of different brands. Some get it right, while others miss the mark for someone like me. You see, growing up with big boobs meant shopping for cup size bikinis designed for mums or dress size bikinis that were far too big around the back. For some reason brands hadn’t really acknowledged that you could have both big boobs and a small back – naturally.

It’s true, nowadays brands cater to women like me more so, but not as much as I’d like… That’s why when I found Summer Club The Label and read their Instagram bio ‘fit by cup and adjust the rest’, I had to try them. Despite launching this year, already the brand’s designs are not only inclusive (28 to 36 C-G), but seriously innovative.

Being a 32H, I knew that trying their Strap Top style would be risky in terms of fit, but if you don’t try you’ll never know as they say! Read my review below on the fit, design and feel of my Summer Club The Label bikini.


This bikini would fit a G-cup perfectly, as advertised on their website. For a H-cup like myself, it’s too small in the cup. For me there’s not enough material to a) keep me in and b) keep me up. Although I will say that the quality of the material is second to none, triple layered for support. Despite everything, this bikini fitted me perfectly round the back, something I struggle with having a small back size but a fuller cup – and here’s why…


Most bikini tops have adjustable straps – that’s a given, but what if the same idea was used on the back band, allowing you to create your perfect size, beyond a couple of hook and eye settings? It’s genius when you think about it, and yet I’ve never come across a bespoke band size like this before. Of course, this means that the fastening is at the front, but it’s masked as gold detailing, which I think adds something to the bikini.


Aside from my boobs popping out at all angles (albeit that’s my fault for risking a G-cup when I’m a H), the fabric feels super soft on and also shimmers in the sun. Ultimately, it feels very luxury, and would work perfectly for a G, but sadly not for me.

Shop Summer Club The Label HERE

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