The Suck-You-In Swimsuit

That doubles up as a bodysuit.

I don’t own many swimsuits, purely because they’re not great for achieving an all-over tan. But since summer is long gone, it’s time to think about the one-piece in a different way… For the spa staycation you’ve got planned, or even to wear as a top? That’s why I’d like to bring your attention to this swimsuit I purchased this year.

New brand on the block, 8SWIM have made the impossible possible – stylish and sleek swimwear, with shapewear technology. Yep, that’s right, swimwear that sucks you in – not that you need it by the way. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll know how comforting it is to feel secure, and how exposed you can feel wearing swimwear is that is poorly made with thin, cheap fabric.

The fabric 8SWIM use is locally sourced and recycled, using spare materials from larger companies which would otherwise be thrown away. On top of that it’s thick and robust, designed to provide stomach control and support to your bust and bum.

What I love about this swimsuit in particular, is that it was clearly designed with multiple body types in mind. It has wider straps for sizes UK16 and UK18 to give extra support, it offers medium support and compression for the bust (ideal for bigger boobs) and the cut of the leg is mid-high, meaning it’s not 80s-esque (up to your waist) and it’s not 60s-esque (more of a hot pant), it’s perfectly in the middle, designed to elongate your frame. Plus, its square neckline works wonders if you’re conscious of those ‘flabby bits’ near your armpits.

Admittedly, it is the most money I’ve ever spent on a swimsuit, but is it worth every penny? Yes sir. Shop my 8SWIM ‘The Classic’ swimsuit HERE.

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