The Bikini Breakdown: Freya

Reviewing Freya’s Swimwear, that goes right up to a K-cup.

I bought my first Freya bikini around six years ago. At the time it was the only bikini I had that actually suited my age and fitted me perfectly. It was their Sundance bikini – a recurring style for the brand. I still have it now, as well as other Freya swimwear, but this leopard print number has been one of my favourites. To put it simply, Freya just get big boobs – period.


I have to admit, moulded cups aren’t usually my first choice, but when it comes to maximum support and coverage they’re often the best style. Over the summer, this bikini was my go-to for low beach maintenance, and by that I mean, not having to tug at it, adjust it, or more generally, worry that I might fall out of it. The moulded cups really did their job in terms of holding my bust securely.


Who doesn’t love a bit of leopard print? Makes a change from summer pastels, floral prints, stripes or polka dots. Animal print aside, I loved the high-waisted bottoms. They’re really supportive and flattering, like comfy shapewear really. Plus, they were perfect for when I was feeling bloated on holiday.


I always think animal print adds a little spice to any ensemble. Personally, I know it makes me feel more confident. So, when better to wear it when it’s the only thing you’re wearing?!

Here are some of my favourite bikini’s from Freya’s current collection, including the bikini I’m wearing, in a size 32H and L bottoms. SHOP HERE.

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