Never Judge A Bra By Its Size – Ridiculous, I Know

And, why shopping in-store makes all the difference.

I can be quite pessimistic when it comes to shopping for bras, especially sports bras. Bras categorised by dress size or by S-L are not adequately designed to support my 32H bust. I can only wear cup sized bras. Well, that’s what I told myself, until I met Ange.

I knew Ange through one of my best friends, who introduced us one (merry) evening. Ange works at Lululemon and – following my blog – encouraged me to stop by the store, confident that she could find a bra for me…

As I walked into Lululemon the next day I was open-minded, but still unconvinced their bras would fit having clocked the ‘A-E’ sign – where was F and G, let alone H!? However, I didn’t completely lose hope, as right above the sizing sign was a picture of a model that actually had big boobs, like me.

Ange was quick to pick out various styles she thought would work for me, regardless of the American sizing or E being the largest cup size. As I tried each bra on Ange would give me an honest review, which I was grateful for. She was completely invested in making sure we found something that fitted properly, and not something that was just ‘alright.’

The bra that I fell in love with was the ‘Free To Be Elevated Bra’ in a size 10, which is equivalent to a L/UK14. It’s super soft but is made with shape retention technology, which means you feel lifted and supported. Its wide straps are ideal for relieving any tension across the shoulders. And, it has a robust under band which, although makes it a bit of a squeeze to get on over your head, ensures you feel secure.

I knew as soon as I put it on that although this sports bra would only be suitable for low impact exercise like hiking or yoga, it would most likely become my everyday bra too – which it has. With that in mind I bought it in two colours, black and ‘rustic coral’. (They work so well as t-shirt bras!)

I can honestly say I’ve never enjoyed bra shopping so much, and I put that down to Ange. She never made me feel like having big boobs was a problem (which it’s not, but sometimes you can feel that while shopping). She was so positive and patient with me throughout, and definitely taught me not to completely rule a bra out before I try it on, just because it’s not in my exact cup size.

SHOP my Lululemon sports bra HERE.

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