The Best Sports Bra For Extreme Impact

I’ve bought the same style since I was seventeen, and never looked back.

Jumping, running, even skiing, without proper support is a) really painful, b) very uncomfortable, and c) super distracting. I’ve often thought that the lack of support while wearing an ill-fitted sports bra could potentially lead to one of my boobs knocking me out. OK, a slight over exaggeration, but there’s nothing worse than thinking mid-burpee, are my boobs going to pop out? Or, ow! this hurts.

Fortunately for me, wearing an E-cup at 15 meant I became clued in, pretty quickly, on the type of sports bra I should be wearing for maximum support and security – thanks to my mum.

My mum was a professional dancer, and like me knows the struggles of exercising, or rehearsing in her case, while carrying a fuller bust. So the day she introduced me to Shock Absorber, her go-to brand, I took her word for it and never looked back. Turns out mums really do know best.

The most important thing for me, when it comes to sports bras, is minimising impact. To test this out I’ll jump as high as I possibly can, and if when I land I can feel the impact in my bust, I’ll know that style is not for me. My Shock Absorber bra passed this test with flying colours, as it really encompasses my entire bust and locks it in tight, so when I jump my bust moves with my body and not after it.

Because it’s specifically designed for high impact support and fuller coverage, the classic support style can be very tight, so I would recommend going up a back size. Having said that, in my opinion a tighter fit is necessary if you want maximum support for high intensity workouts. (The padded straps help relieve pressure too.)

The only flaw with this style, which isn’t really a fault with the product and more a normal factor of exercise, is you do get very sweaty in between your boobs. But if you’re sweating everywhere else anyway, well, it’s not really a problem is it?

I couldn’t recommend this sports bra enough. It really does work absolute wonders.

SHOP my Shock Absorber sports bra HERE.

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