How To Create Support When You Can’t Wear A Bra

And, why you should never throw away those extra bra strap packets.

I’m so used to trying on clothes, like this dress for example, that fit me perfectly everywhere, but not around the bust. Growing up it was very frustrating and made me further resent my boobs. But over the years, I’ve learned to think about how I can adapt and alter a garment, before I give up on it. Especially when it comes to this CINTA dress, that I’m so in love with.

You might be wondering why I can’t wear a bra with this dress, because it’s not backless, it has sleeves and seems well covered… It’s actually more to do with the seam underneath the bust. It’s not deep enough for me to wear a bra with it, because there’s not enough room. But, at the same time, going braless wasn’t an option either, because I would fall out of it.

Stuck in a predicament, I started playing around with the sleeves. I knew that if they were tighter on my shoulders, that would give me the support I needed for my bust. But, that is a complex alteration in itself, and one I’m definitely not equipped to carry out.

I had a second rummage through my bra draw, trying to find something that would maybe work, when BINGO, I found the answer I was looking for – straps!

Sometimes, bras come with an extra packet of straps, especially if it’s a strapless bra. I often throw them away because I never use them, but luckily I found a packet I’d kept.

I should say that obviously this hack won’t work with every type of dress, but if you’ve got a style similar to mine then keep reading.

All you need to do is sew each end of the strap to the front and back of the dress. Making sure that it’s far over enough, situated underneath the sleeve, so that when you wear it it won’t show. Once you’ve done that, you can obviously adjust the strap to how tight or loose you need it. It really is that simple.

Shop the dress HERE. I’m wearing a Large/UK12.

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