The Bikini Breakdown: The Magic, One Size ASOS Bikini

Reviewing the ASOS bikini that fits my H-cup bust and my B-cup Friend.

My magic ASOS bikini looks like it was made for a toddler, it’s that minuscule. I recently showed it to a friend, holding it up against me, to which she giggled and said, ‘surely that doesn’t fit you’. Quick to prove her wrong, I whipped off my bra and put it on. She was astounded. Feeling pretty smug with myself, I threw it over to her to try on. Again, she was shocked it fit her too.

Never did I think that I’d buy a ‘one size fits all’ bikini, let alone expect both the top and bottom to actually fit. But, this crinkle bikini from ASOS has exceeded my expectations.

The Fit

Correct me if i’m wrong, but Hunza G was one of the first brands, if not the very first, to introduce swimwear made from crinkle-stretch fabric. The brand gained its popularity in the 80s, when Julia Roberts sported a one-piece in the film Pretty Woman. And, since the return of 80s swimwear styles, like high leg bottoms, there’s been an increase in the crinkle-stretch fabric used too.

I honestly can’t tell you what crinkle-stretch fabric it’s made up of, all I know is that it’s incredibly stretchy. Like most materials with a high percentage of elastine, it tends to lose stretch over time – not this one. Although, it stretches enough to fit my H-cup bust, the robust fabric has a natural tendency to retract to its original state, therefore keeping me supported and secure.

The Design

The crop top design gives me full coverage, so I have no worries about spilling or falling out. I also love the cornflower blue colour.

The bottoms are one of my favourite pairs, because they sit nicely on my waist. They almost mould themselves to my body, creating a lovely curve from my waist to my hips.

The Feel

I have to admit, when I first tried this bikini on it was very uncomfortable. The bikini top actually comes with an inner lining built in for extra support, as it’s originally designed for sizes DD-F. However, in my case it felt very restricting, so I cut it out.

Once the lining was gone, it was heaven. It’s one of those bikinis that you don’t have to fiddle around with during the day. It stays where it’s meant to, which puts my mind at ease, all thanks to the extraordinary fabric.

Shop HERE for the style I’m wearing, which is now in the sale for £7.20! Plus, more magic crinkle bikinis below.

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