I’ve Started Wearing Ribbed Tops Again And Here’s Why

I’m done with the style restrictions I’ve made for myself over the years.

I’m aware this is going to sound strange – it does to me now – but for years I’ve avoided wearing ribbed tops, because I was convinced they made me look huge, specifically my bust. When I was growing up I felt a bit embarrassed and self-conscious about the size of my boobs, and I’d got it into my head that ribbed tops only made them look bigger. So, I avoided them.

It boils down to the top’s stretch. When a ribbed top is on a hanger it looks small and dainty, but when it’s on, it obviously stretches. But in my case, a ribbed top would stretch so much over my bust that the vertical lines would appear thicker than anywhere else on the top, therefore drawing attention to my bust.

Looking back, I feel like this concept might have been something I had picked up from watching too much What Not To Wear. Trinny and Susannah were TV’s walking, talking fashion bibles, there was nothing else like it the time, apart from magazine articles titled 13 style mistakes that make you look heavier, for example.

Now, my mindset has changed. Why? Because a) it’s a ridiculous way of thinking, and b) it’s completely normal. Of course a top is going to stretch more, maybe to its maximum, over my bust… I have large boobs, and I’m OK with that.

I recently found this top on Instagram and loved it so much (the pastel colours really sold it to me), but after umming and ahing on whether to buy it or not, I had to check in with myself… I can wear anything I want, including ribbed tops, and what I wear I wear for me, and nobody else. And now, I’m the proud owner of this rêvexarchive top that I love. (It also looks great with a denim jacket.)

Shop the top HERE.

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