The Bikini Breakdown: Toco Swim

Reviewing the British brand offering affordable and luxury swimwear.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this bikini, it’s not to be so cynical when it comes to non-cup-sized swimwear.

As a H-cup, I’m so used to shopping for cup size bikinis, and I was always convinced that a top marked S, M, L or 12, 14, 16 would never fit or support me. However, in a desperate attempt to try and find a great bikini for achieving a near to perfect tan, I took a leap of faith with British brand Toco Swim, which surprisingly paid off.

The Fit

For anyone that has a fuller bust, you’ll know how much a halter neck bikini can hurt and strain your neck. In my case, my boobs weigh around 5kg, which as you can imagine, after a full day at the beach, isn’t so comfortable. But, the Toco Yara bikini top is different. It helps that it includes a supportive under-bust band, but I actually believe it’s the thick, butter-soft fabric used that relieves the stress from my neck.

The fit is slightly revealing, but no more than a little side-boob and cleavage, due to it’s deep V shape design. Ultimately, it’s the perfect fit for working on a tan, ensuring the sunlight reaches those annoying white bits that would usually be covered in a cup-sized bikini.

The Design

I am obsessed with the burnt orange colour that this bikini comes in, called Tamarind. It’s so rich and luscious. Toco use a dreamy colour palette, and there are plenty more gorgeous shades to choose from.

The bottoms are a ruched Brazilian style, but if you’re not comfortable with showing a little cheek, you can always opt for a more modest style, like these mid-rise Couva bottoms.

The Feel

I love this bikini because it’s super soft, it almost feels like a second skin that moves with me. I don’t have to pull at it or adjust it much. And, when it gets wet, it doesn’t lose its shape.

OK, it’s not as supportive as some of my other bikinis, but that was expected. But, wearing it makes me feel confident in a different kind of way… It makes me think: Yes, I know this bikini is on the skimpy side, but just because I have big boobs it doesn’t mean to say that I shouldn’t or can’t wear it!

Shop Toco HERE

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