Why Soft Cup Plunge Bras Are Better Than Padded

my favourite plunge bras that define my cleavage and keep me secure.

I was 20 when I bought my first plunge bra. It was red, made from a synthetic satin-like fabric, and had padded cups. It was a last minute purchase, so I was less concerned with the fit, although there wasn’t much choice… Every plunge bra in the store had padded cups, it never occur to me that they could be designed differently. Thus, I spent the next 4 years of my life wearing the same uncomfortable style.

My favourite plunge bra is a bralette. I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way a bralette would be able hold a H-cup, let alone provide enough lift to create a defined cleavage. But trust me when I say, they work wonders. 
Padded plunge bras can sometimes feel like they’ve been designed so you can eat food off your boobs, hands-free. It’s a real chest-to-chin look, which if I’m honest doesn’t make me feel sexy, and that’s not the only hiccup…

  • Because padded cups push your boobs together, there’s always a high chance of your boobs spilling out of the middle, AKA the dreaded four-boob.
  • You can see a ridge from the edge of a padded cup underneath your clothing.
  • Yes, padded cups hold your boobs, but not necessarily in place. I was forever reaching down, scooping my boobs up and readjusting them.
  • When you wash a padded bra they lose their shape. (Mainly because you’re meant to hand wash them, but who has time for that?)

I find soft cups provide a more natural look, because they’re designed with more space for my cleavage to sit, rather than being pushed together. They also create a smoother silhouette, so from the side it doesn’t look like I’ve just installed a shelf. Having a longer and thicker underband helps too, particularly if I’m wearing something tight. 

Try it for yourself! The one I’m wearing here is from Tutti Rouge (34FF/G), but I also recommend Savage x Fenty (XL).

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