The Best Strapless Bra I’ve Ever Owned

It takes one heck of a bra to lift and hold a H-cup bust without straps.

I’ve never actually weighed my boobs because it involves submerging each boob in a bowl of water, and then weighing the displaced water that overflows etc, etc. It’s a whole process that quite frankly, I’ve never been bothered to do, so instead I turned to Google and discovered that the average H-cup weighs roughly 5kg. To paint a comparable picture, that’s 5 bags of sugar, which would take one heck of a bra to support, let alone one that doesn’t have straps…

Introducing, my miraculous strapless bra from Panache, that lifts, holds and supports my bust, thanks to its clever and considered design. I couldn’t recommend this bra enough, so here’s my breakdown on why it’s the best strapless bra I’ve ever owned.


The bra, sectioned into 4-piece cushioned cups, is designed to offer full coverage and lift. I find it hugs my bust in close, while keeping its robust structure, with the help of its plastic bones in the side seams.

The band across the back is double layered, which creates a smoothing effect, great for wearing with tighter clothing. And, it’s cleverly lined at the top and bottom with silicone elastics, for extra grip.


OK, it’s not the prettiest bra to look at, but that’s a small price to pay for the support the bra offers. Plus, it comes in black as well as nude. I have them in both colours because you never know when you might need an alternative.


I wear mine on the tightest setting, because the tighter it is the less likely I will need to fiddle with it throughout the day. That being said, it can get a little uncomfortable after a long period of time, so I tend to loosen it as and when I feel.

Other than that, it’s amazing, and I never go anywhere without it. I can trust that it will keep me lifted, and its smoothing design is perfect for wearing under anything, because it creates the illusion that you’re not wearing a bra at all.



  1. Sophia

    I love reading about this! I think it could really help me out. But somewhere else I read your bra-size is 32H just like mine, but this bra is not available in that specific size when i look it up trough the link, so I wonder if you ordered another size?


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