How To Widen Your Straps

If they’re on the tightest setting.

I bought this swimsuit around 5 years ago, and I love it to pieces, but when I tried it on recently, I remembered how much the straps hurt me.

I would normally have the straps on their tightest setting to support my bust, but being so thin they would dig into my shoulders. So I decided, instead of grumbling about it every year, it was time to get the sewing kit out.

If you do decide to take a stab at my tutorial below and have any questions, let me know and I can do my best to answer them.


  1. Kin Taylor

    Hi Lil! I remember you wearing this fabulous swimming costume in the ‘party tub’ in Val D’Isere- am I right? Is it the same one? Although I don’t have big boobs I won’t need to buy any of the things you recommend but I’m enjoying following you and seeing how gorgeous you still look. Good luck with this new venture X


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