What Type Of Bra To Wear With An Oversized Dress

To avoid that tent-like feeling.

I love an oversized dress – they’re comfortable, easy to throw on, light-weight and cool for the summer. However, because they’re a shapeless style of dress, paired with my H-cup bust, sometimes I can feel a bit like a tent in them.

The problem I commonly face with oversized dresses, or even shift dresses, is the further my bust protrudes, the bigger the dress will look on me – over-oversized, if you like. But, where I would normally resort to wearing a sports bra underneath a dress like this, to flatten my bust, it seems a shame to compromise on comfort with compression. Instead, I’m wearing a bralette.

If someone told me 5 years ago I’d be wearing a bralette now I would’ve never believed them. There’s no way a bralette would be able to support my boobs, I would’ve said, considering they weigh roughly 2.5kg each. But, thanks to more inclusive brands and better thought-out designs, I find bralettes are a great choice for minimising and comfort.

Because bralettes are made without cups or under-wiring, I definitely wouldn’t recommend any activity in them, but despite their lack of structure they aren’t as unsupportive as you might think. Most bralettes for fuller busts include a wide elastic under-band and thicker straps for support. Like this Fantasie bralette (size XL) I’m wearing underneath my dress, keeping my bust secure but flush with the fabric – not a tent in sight.

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