The Bikini Breakdown: Wolf & Whistle

Reviewing the London-based label, specialising in Young and Fun cup-sized swimwear.

I first became familiar with Wolf & Whistle around 4 years ago, when I was shopping for a holiday with my girls to Marbella. We’d booked a bed at Ocean Beach Club, and at the time, that meant investing in one hell of a sexy bikini. Something that’s hard to come by when you have a fuller bust.

I have to admit, after ordering a cheeky number (complete with various ties, cut-outs and mesh), overwhelmed with confusion on how to wear it, I sent it back and decided the brand wasn’t for me.

Fast forward to the present day and I’m wearing my new Wolf & Whistle bikini that’s become my summer favourite, and only cost me £20.90 – top and bottom. OK, their designs might not be for everyone, but they’re actually one of the few brands that I’ve come by who speak to a younger, more trend-conscious demographic, with a fuller bust.


A soft cup, thick straps, no under-wiring, yet still supportive – is a recipe for success in my eyes, and probably why I feel so comfortable in my Wolf & Whistle bikini.

Surprisingly, the fit is very good, considering it’s only made in two cup sizes: D/DD and E/F, separated into dress sizes. I’m wearing a 16E/F, and strictly speaking the back could be tighter, but a simple alteration would fix this. I feel I can justify modifications when it’s so affordable.

The soft cups are made from a stretchy swim fabric, which are great for coverage and minimising my bust. It sounds strange (and vain), but one of the best advantages of this is to be able to tan underneath my boobs. The flatter my boobs are, the more sunlight will reach underneath them, without me having to strike drastic positions while sunbathing.

The bottoms I bought in a UK14, and fit perfectly. They are a high leg cut that sit nicely, creating a smooth silhouette from my waist to my hips.


The orange fabric has a high-shine finish to it, which looks rich and luxurious when the sun hits it, and even better against a tan. If you really want to go all out, add a little bronzing oil to your collar bones.

The cut seam detailing at the front adds a bit of spice, and creates a more modern twist, than if it were just a simple bikini top.


When I tried it on for the first time, I had the sudden urge to play Grown Woman by Beyoncé (side note: if you’ve never watched the music video please do). I feel very empowered in this bikini. It’s sassy and eye-catching, but I can also trust that I won’t be falling out of it. It’s a win-win.

Here are some of my favourite styles from Wolf & Whistle, including the bikini I’m wearing. Shop HERE on ASOS.

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